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Apple Won't Make a Car (Toyota Already Does)
Roger C. Lanctot on LinkedIn
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JMU #2 Top Public Universities in the South
Jason Bourne
The First Firing is Always the Hardest
Dustin McKissen, CAE, CME
Growing up, I felt like I had a direct report in the form of my younger brother. He was supposed to follow my orders. If he...
We got our CfD ... oh dear.
James Rowe
The good news - we got a CfD for Wick Farm! One of only five solar projects that made it through. The bad news - the strike price...
If Carpenters Were Hired Like Programmers
Barry Vredevoort
If Carpenters Were Hired Like Programmers Interviewer: So, you're a carpenter, are you?Carpenter: That's right, that's what I...
What your 3 year old knows about marketing
Joseph Kingsbury
This was me and my 3 year old son at CVS the other day:(He's pointing to a hair coloring product for women. Life-like, I know.)So...
Americans want an energy plan, instead they get politics
T. Boone Pickens
For all his talk about the future, President Obama's decision to veto the Keystone pipeline shows a dangerously...
The Best Advice I Ever Received
Ed Hecht
The best advice I ever received came from my Dad during Junior year of college. I was struggling mightily that year and there was...
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